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RR vs SRH, IPL 2023, Highlights: Glenn Phillips provided the boost towards the end before Abdul Samad took SunRisers Hyderabad home in the chase of 215 runs against Rajasthan Royals at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur on Sunday. It was all over for SRH when Sandeep Sharma removed Samad when the side needed 5 runs off the final ball. To SRH’s good luck, it was a no-ball as Sandeep had overstepped. Needing 4 off the final ball then, Samad finished the game with a six. Earlier, Sanju Samson and Jos Buttler were at their very best as the duo helped RR post 214 for 2 at the . Buttler scored 95 off 59 balls while Samson hit 66 not out off 38 balls. The duo stitched 138 runs for the second wicket. RR skipper Sanju Samson won the toss and opted to bat against SRH. (LIVE SCORECARD | IPL 2023 POINTS TABLE)

Here are the Highlights from RR vs SRH, IPL 2023 match, straight from Jaipur:

  • 23:15 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH win the game!!!

    It’s hard to believe what just happened. Sandeep Sharma dismissed Abdul Samad on the final ball of the game and Rajasthan Royals felt they won the game. However, umpire signalled a no-ball as Sandeep had overstepped. Not only Samad but SRH also got a reprieve, otherwise the match was all but over for them. They needed 4 to win off the final ball and this time, Samad hit a six down the ground to take his side home. What a game this was!

  • 23:09 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH need 5 in 1!

    A single from Samad and then a single from Jansen.

  • 23:03 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH need 7 in 3!

    A six from the bat of Abdul Samad and then he took a couple to keep the game on the knife-edge.

  • 23:02 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH need 15 in 5!

    Obed McCoy has dropped the catch of Samad and the batters take two.

  • 23:01 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH need 17 in 6!

    Two runs came off the last ball of Kuldip Yadav’s over. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 17 runs in 6 balls. Abdul Samad will be on strike on the first ball of the final over.

  • 22:59 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: WICKET!

    Glenn Phillips is one! Sunrisers Hyderabad need 19 runs in 7 balls.

    SRH 196/6 (18.5)

  • 22:57 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Hat-trick of sixes!

    The match is not over yet! Glenn Phillips has hit Kuldip Yadav for hat-trick of sixes. All big ones! On the fourth ball of the over he has hit a four and SRH are well in the game now. They  need 19 runs in 8 balls. Welcome to IPL, folks!

  • 22:45 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: FOUR!

    Runs are coming for SRH. They have lost the wicket of Klaasen but they are still alive in the chase. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 44 runs in 18 balls.

    SRH 171/3 (17)

  • 22:40 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: WICKET!

    Yuzvendra Chahal has dismissed Heinrich Klaasen and Rajasthan Royals are back in the game. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 58 runs in 25 balls.

    SRH 157/3 (15.5)

  • 22:35 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: FOUR!

    Heinrich Klaasen ends the over of Kuldip Yadav with a four and suddenly it seems that SRH are alive in the chase. They need 69 runs in 30 balls. The asking rate is 13.8 and SRH still have a chance to bag the game from here. However, they would be needing Klaasen and Tripathi to keep going like this.

    SRH 146/2 (15)

  • 22:33 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH gain momentum!

    19-run over from Murugan Ashwin. Heinrich Klaasen started the over with a six before Tripathi slammed a six and a four on consecutive balls later in the over.

    SRH 136/2 (14)

  • 22:23 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: WICKET!

    12.4 – Abhishek Sharma has lost his wicket at score of 55 runs off 34 balls. R Ashwin trapped him and it was Yuzvendra Chahal who ended his knock with an easy catch at short third.

    10 runs came off the over. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 98 runs in 42 balls.

  • 22:18 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH need 108 in 48!

    Nine runs came off Murugan Ashwin’s second over. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 108 runs in 48 balls. The asking rate has gone to 13.5 now for SRH. 

    SRH 107/1 (12)

  • 22:10 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH aim to fight back

    14 runs came off Murugan Ashwin’s first over. While Tripathi hit a six in the over, Abhishek hit a four in it. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 128 runs in 60 balls.

    SRH 87/1 (10)

  • 22:05 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH need 142 in 66!

    Eight runs came off Kuldip Yadav’s second over. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 142 runs in 66 balls. The most disappointing thing about SRH’s batting is that their batters – Tripathi and Abhishek – are not even showing the intent to score according to what the asking rate is.   

    SRH 73/1 (9)

  • 21:59 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Economical over

    A 7-run over from Yuzvendra Chahal. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 150 runs in 72 balls. The asking rate for them is now 12.5. The game is slipping out of their hands. Or has it slipped already?  

    SRH 65/1 (8)

  • 21:53 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: RR keep it tight

    Only 6 runs came off R Ashwin’s second over. Sunrisers Hyderabad need 157 runs in 78 balls. The asking rate is over 12 and they need to keep hitting boundaries to keep that under control.

    SRH 58/1 (7)

  • 21:50 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: WICKET!

    5.5 – Yuzvendra Chahal has got the wicket of Anmolpreet Singh. The batter failed to execute the slog-sweep well and hit the ball high in the air before Shimron Hetmyer took a really good catch to end his knock.

    7 runs came off the over and wicket.

    SRH 52/1 (6) 

  • 21:44 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH stay in hunt!

    This is a decent start from Anmolpreet and Abhishek. The duo is trying its level best to keep SRH in hunt. The side needs 170 runs in 90 balls. 

    SRH 45/0 (5)

  • 21:35 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: FOUR!

    Anmolpreet Singh makes room for himself, Sandeep Sharma follows him on the leg side but the batter still manages to play the ball towards the backward square leg fence for a four.

    SRH 22/0 (3)

  • 21:25 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SRH’s chase underway!

    Anmolpreet Singh, the impact player in place of T Natarajan, and Abhishek Sharma have opened the innings for SRH in chase of 215 runs. Sandeep Sharma bowled the first over, three runs came off it.

  • 21:08 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SIX, FOUR – RR post 214/2 vs SRH!

    It was turning out to be a decent last over T Natarajan but Sanju Samson ruined it with a six and a four on the last two balls. 17 runs came off it. Meanwhile, Samson remained not out at the score of 66 not out off 38 balls. He hit 4 fours and 5 sixes.

    RR 214/2 (20)

  • 21:04 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: WICKET!

    Jos Buttler is out! No century for Buttler as he departs at the score of 95 off 59 balls on the bowling of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. It was a yorker from Bhuvi that caught Buttler plumb in front of the stumps. Umpire gave it not out and Bhuvi convinced his skipper to go upstairs. Ball tracking revealed it would have hit the stumps.

  • 20:57 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Fifty for Sanju Samson!

    Sanju Samson raced to his half-century in 33 balls. He got there with a double that came on the last ball of the 18th over. Only 5 runs came off T Natarajan’s third over, but Rajasthan Royals are still in line to post a daunting total.

  • 20:50 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Runs keep coming for RR!

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar came in to bowl his 37th over and he too was not spared. Bhuvi leaked 17 runs in the over as Jos Buttler hit three fours to him in the over.

    RR 185/1 (17)

  • 20:42 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: 14-run over!

    The duo of Jos Buttler and Sanju Samson have gone berserk. It seems as if the duo are competing against each other in terms of hitting the boundaries. Buttler hit Markande for a six down the ground before giving the strike to Samson, who too hit a similar six. 14 runs came off the over. 

    RR 168/1 (16)

  • 20:39 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Century stand between Buttler and Samson!

    12 runs came off Marco Jansen’s fourth over. The partnership for the second wicket between Jos Buttler and Sanju Samson is of 100 runs now.

    RR 154/1 (15)

  • 20:33 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SIX!

    It was turning out to be a really good over from Mayank Markande, but Sanju Samson has spoiled it with a six. He came down the track and hit it with power. It might not have come from the middle of his bat, but the power was enough to beat the fielder at the boundary line.

    RR 142/1 (14)

  • 20:26 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Fifty for Jos Buttler!

    11.4 – A single and Jos Buttler races to his half-century in 32 balls. This is a matured and well-timed knock from the right-handed batter. He started slow and let Yashasvi Jaiswal take the centrestage when RR started, but once Jaiswal fell, Buttler too came into the act and now races to his fifty.

    10 runs came off the over.

    RR 125/1 (12)

  • 20:21 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: FOUR!

    Eight runs came off IPL debutant Vivrant Sharma’s first over. He had given away only four runs off the first five balls but Buttler hit him for a four on the last ball.

    RR 115/1 (11)

  • 20:19 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SIX, FOUR!

    Jos Buttler smashed Abhishek Sharma for a six and a four on consecutive balls. 12 runs came off the over. Nothing seems to be stopping the Buttler-Samson duo at the moment as both are firing on all cylinders.

    RR 107/1 (10)

  • 20:15 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SIX, SIX, SIX!

    Three sixes came in the second over of Mayank Markande. Sanju Samson started with two consecutive sixes before Jos Buttler finished the over with a six. 21 runs came off it.

    RR 95/1 (9)

  • 20:10 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Time out!

    13 runs have come off the last two overs. Mayank Markande leaked 9 runs while Abhishek Sharma bowled an economical over of 4 runs. SRH have managed to keep things under control but they still need one more wicket here to come back in the game.

    RR 74/1 (8)

  • 20:04 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: End of powerplay!

    Seven runs came off T Natarajan’s second over and RR have gotten off to a really good start in Jaipur. The only problem for them is that they have lost the wicket of Yashasvi Jaiswal, who was firing in all cylinders in the powerplay.

    RR 61/1 (6)

  • 19:58 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: WICKET!

    Yashasvi Jaiswal is out at the score of 35 off 18 balls. Marco Jansen gets his wicket. It was a short ball and Jaiswal wanted to play it over the short third but hit the ball directly into the hands of the fielder.

    RR 54/1 (5)

  • 19:53 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: FOUR!

    Yashavi Jiswal failed to execute the pull shot properly but he was lucky that the ball went way high in the air and fell near the boundary ropes behind the wicketkeeper and ran for a four.

    RR 50/0 (4.2) 

  • 19:46 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: FOUR!

    Here is the going for Jos Buttler! He gets a four, his second of the innings, and this will give him a lot of confidence. Buttler then took a single as RR fetched 8 runs off T Natarajan’s first over.

    RR 34/0 (3)

  • 19:41 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: SIX – Incredible shot!

    Oh, how good is that a shot from Yashasvi Jaiswal! Marco Jansen bowled a short ball and the Indian opener pulled it beautifully for a big six. It went into the crowd. 17 runs came off the over.

    RR 26/0 (2)

  • 19:34 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Action underway!

    Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled the first over. 9 runs came off it and Yashavi Jaiswal was lucky to escape a close chance as the fielder at deep fine leg fail to judge the catch properly.

    RR 9/0 (1) 

  • 19:28 (IST)

    RR vs SRH Live: Joe Root makes IPL debut!

    Joe Root has made his IPL debut as he has been named in the playing XI of Rajasthan Royals for tonight’s game against SunRisers Hyderbad.

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