Sadhu Shivay David Giri speaks on Navaratri and the  importance of praying to particular form of devi for nine days.

First day : Prarthama Shailaputri

Infant swaroopam of Parvathy where she is born as the daughter of the king of the mountains Himavan. We worship her in balaswarupam. Shailaputri swaroopam is the bestower of peace, happiness and having a affectionate bonding of a family. She protects the family with the trishula and lotus in the other. In this form she has two hands. She is also known as Swetharushaba Rudhini.

Second Day : Brahmacharini

In this form she is very calm and poised. She follows the brahmacharya vrata. This swaroopam appeased Lord Shiva. She did all her tapasya in this form to attain Shiva. Devi carries a kamandalam and a Rudraksha mala in this form.

Third Day : Chandraghanta

It is in this form she becomes the dharmapathni (wife) of Lord Shiva. It was her intense longing to be married to Lord Shiva. Lord Mahadeva grants her the wish in this form and adornes her with crescent moon. Devi appears with a lustrousness of gold. In this form devi has three eyes and ten arms (dashabuja). Devi is known to protect her devotees, nourish and nurture them in all the aspects of their lives. Her vahana is Tiger in this form.

Fourth Day : Kushmanda

This is the form of Devi where she realises that she is the adi shakthi herself and not just a mortal soul. Kushmanda is a form of Devi that describes her as jaganmatha. Here she has ashtabuja (eight arms). Devi rides a tiger in this form too.

Fifth Day : Skandamatha

This is the form of Parvathy Devi being the mother of Lord Karthikeya. Lord Skanda is also known as Subramanya, Murugan and Shanmukha. This is the chaturbhuja avatar and here the vahana of Devi is Lion. Devi is also known as Vyagreshwari in this form.

Sixth Day : Kathyayini

It is in this form Devi is also known as Mahishasura Mardhini. Here Devi Katyayini is the protector of devatas and devalokha. This is one form of Devi where there is no abhayahastha. All the four hands carry four weapons. She carries a sword in one hand, dala(shield) in another, trishula in the third and kamala (lotus) on the fourth hand.

Seventh Day : Sapthama kalarartri (Kali).

This is the most progressed swaroopam of Devi. She is also worshipped as ugrabhairavi by some sects. She is extremely dark in complexion in this form. It is this swaroopam which puts an end to injustice, deceit, operation of devout (end to the evil). Devi in this form is also known as Munda Malini. She is adorned with skulls. Devi’s vahana is gadha. Devi has four arms.

Eighth Day : Ashtama Mahagowri

Bdahmadeva calms Devi Kalaratri (Kali) and guides her towards taking a dip in manasasarovara. After this Devi regains her form of Parvathy. She emerges as radiant as the moon. Mahagowri is prayed to have peace, happiness and maintaining a loving relationship between a husband and wife. This form of Devi is known as mahapathivratha. It is chaturbhuja swaroopam of Devi here. One hand holds the kamala (lotus) and the other holds the damaru, third holds trishula and the fourth is abhayahastha where she blesses her devotees. Her vahana is white Nandi (white bull).

Ninth Day : Navamasiddhidatri

This is her eternal form which is also known as the mahashakthi and harsidhi. The form of Devi comes into existence after she has merged with Lord Shiva and this form is called Ardhanareshwara. In this swaroopam she has four hands. One hand carries the gadha, the second hand holds the chakra, the third hand holds the shanka ans the fourth holds the kamala. Here there is no vahana. She is also known as Kamalalaye.  She is the bestower of health, wealth, knowledge and wisdom. All sadhanas come to fruition by her grace/blessings.


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