Salman Khan To Vijay Varma: Bollywood Stars Heart-Warming Bonds Towards Their Staff

New Delhi: In Bollywood, where stardom often takes center stage, there’s a side to the industry that often goes unnoticed—the profound relationships between actors and their staff. Behind the red carpet events, these stars share heart-warming camaraderie with the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Here are some touching examples of Bollywood actors’ sweet gestures towards their staff. 

Vijay Varma & his driver!

Vijay Varma has captured hearts not only with his acting but also with his humility. Varma shares a special bond with his driver, Charanjeet who has been by his side through thick and thin over the years. Despite his rising fame, Vijay never fails to acknowledge the crucial role his driver plays in his life. Every time he wins an award, he ensures clicking a picture with his driver holding the coveted award trophies. Varma’s gratitude towards his driver shines through, setting a heart-warming example for others.

Suniel Shetty & his hair stylist

Suniel Shetty always surprises fans with his tender side when it comes to his relationship with his hair stylist. Shetty values the trust and expertise of his stylist, forging a bond that goes beyond professional duties. From sharing laughs during long shooting schedules to celebrating personal milestones together, Shetty’s warmth towards his stylist showcases the familial atmosphere.

Salman Khan & his bodyguard Shera

Salman Khan is renowned for his generosity and loyalty towards his staff, particularly his long-time bodyguard, Shera. Their bond transcends the typical employer-employee relationship, with Khan often referring to Shera as his ‘family’. Shera’s dedication to Khan’s safety has earned him not just a job but a place in Khan’s inner circle. 

Bobby Deol & his personal assistant

Every time, Bobby Deol gets stopped, he is always seen with his personal assistant, who has been associated with him since quite a few years now. The charming actor shares an endearing camaraderie with his staff members. Whether it’s on-set crew members or personal assistants, Deol treats everyone with respect and kindness. 

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