New Delhi: Actor Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala Dutt shut down a user who inquired about her boyfriend’s death. 

During a question and answer session on Instagram, a follower asked Trishala, “Sorry to ask this but why haven’t you disclosed how your boyfriend passed away? What’s his name.”

In a long reply to the user, Trishala said, “I appreciate your question. I do. Let’s all be honest about basic human behavior and curiosity – Its natural to want to know how someone passed away. Even if it is ‘none of your business,’ right?” 

“The most inappropriate reaction is enquiring about the cause of death.” she added. 

“I want you to ask yourself this question – What is the purpose of me doing/ asking this? Will knowing the answer allow me to help this person. Or is it just morbid curiosity? Grief 101 lesson- ‘If you are not entitled to know the specifics of the passing, stop asking. Asking for those details does nothing for the conversation. It does not console the person, nor brings the person who passed away, back,” she concluded. 

Meanwhile, replying to a user who asked if she would have pursued acting like her family if it was not for her career as a psychotherapist, Trishala replied, “No.” She added that she would have gone into FBI. 

Earlier in December, Trishala had opened up about coping with her boyfriend’s death during an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram. 

“I’m still dealing with it, but I’ve gotten a lot of help for it (and still getting help for it) Since covid, my support groups that I’ve joined have become virtual for now, I see my grief therapist virtually as well, I spend time with my friends and family (while still practising social distancing) and I’m doing a lot of soul searching. I also got off social media for a long time after he passed away because I needed that private time to process what the hell just happen to both of our lives. How in a split second, life can change for anybody. I needed to feel my loss. Not distract myself from it,” she had said. 

She also talked about how addiction is a “chronic disease characterized by drug seeking”

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