Sadhu Shivay David Giri is from Goa. He is not only a great spiritual guru but also an accurate tarot reader.  He was guided by his guru Baba Bhairavnath who was an Aghori.
Sadhu Shivay David Giri speaks about karma that is carried on to the next birth. If everything is based on fate and destiny? Is there anything that we could do anything on our own? He says one of the basic tenants of Santana dharma are ‘Karma and Punarjanma’. If either of the above is erased then sanatana dharma would not have existed in it’s form/structure because the foundation and the reason for life continuation of life after death everything is karma and the consequences that we have in punarjanma.

He recalls his experience by sharing with us what baba Bhootnath at Ujjain once told a man at a tea stall who asked him questions about why some children are born dumb & deaf? Why are some children born without limbs? What was their sin? If this was the only life we have, Then why is the omniscient being that we trust is so cruel that he blesses parents with children who are physically handicapped and mentally ill? If it is truly god’s doing then it is very unfair or it could have some real good reasons behind such an act. Baba Bhootnath immediately replied saying it’s because of the certain bad Karmas committed by the child in the previous life and the parents would have also done certain karmas which is why they deserve to be of service to the child they have given birth to and the child goes through a life with the limitations that this birth has imposed on him/her.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom on these questions that baffle all of us….. Much needed guidance in these turbulant times. Looking forward to more pearls of wisdom on life, religion and spirituality from Shivay David Giri ji. 🙏
    Om Namah Narayana

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom.
    We all need your guidance in these diffcult times from Shivay David Giri ji. 🙏
    Om Namo Narayana

  3. No one escapes karma. As we evolve into our higher selves we will be brushed and polished through the karmic cycle. Please enlighten us with what can we as normal beings do, to overcome this karmic cycle.

    With reverence🙏🙏🙏🙏


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