Lord Vishnumayya Kuttichatan is a very popular deity in Kerala. One such temple which is filled with positive vibes and great powers is Shree Vishnumayya Temple in Bangalore. Mr Dinesh Pudukodi Kocchoth and his wife Mrs Revathy Dinesh tell us about the temple’s history and the miracles.
1. Tell us a little bit about your temple. How old is it ? How did it come into existence ?

This temple was open to public on 27th Dec 2018. The land was bought long back and had one idol of lord Ganapathy for a long time. 35 years ago, i happened to visit the famous Vishnumaya temple at the place called Avanagattu kalari in Trichur district of Kerala on way to Sabarimala temple.
2. Have many people been visiting the temple ?
We don’t have a detailed record of visitors maintained as there is no publicity as such that’s been made due to a limitation of space we have. The auspicious days are full moon day which is pournami and no moon that is amavasya every month. We witness a large gathering on these two particular days. As mentioned above we do not encourage many people due to COVID situation.
3. Swamy Vishnumayya is considered very powerful and popular. A deity who is known to fulfill the wishes of his devotees and free them from all their miseries. Tell us about that.
The form of this deity Vishnumaya is believed to be in the form of a child. If any one with genuine problems requests the lord, blessings will be showered and problems will be solved. But! one should ensure to complete their promises to lord once our demands / prayers are answered to avoid wrath of the deity. The response to our prayers are also felt immediately and one need not wait too long. What we need to maintain is the same level of innocent mind.
4. What plans do you have for the temple?
Currently the site had limitations of expansion. We never anticipated to get such great response from the devotees as i built this to fulfill my dream of a place to worship my family god. The time will prove as the deity is very powerful and will enforce your decision in time to time.
5. Is there any incident you would like to recall ?
There are plenty of incidents to quote, one such incident happened on my early days in Dubai where i wanted to buy a gift for a friend’s child’s birthday. A friend of mine came to pick me up in his car. We went to a nearby Lulu store and i got down from the car and returned with a gift. After I got into the car, my friend did not start the car and it looked like he was waiting for someone. After a while, i asked him what he was waiting for ? His answer was that there was a child which got down from the car and was following me to the store and he didn’t return, so he was expecting the child to return. Since i knew this is one among the many incidents and my friend would not believe it’s booth gana ( Chathan ) who follow their devotees, i told him there was no child and he could be wrong.
The second incident happened during construction where the statues of Ashtadikpalalkaas kept at the temple site was stolen. This put us in a little difficulty as i had to generate funds to make new ones. Since my belief was so strong i kept praying to lord to find a solution and to my surprise after a couple of months all the statues were returned by the thieves to the site and not sure what kind of trouble they had gone through. It still remains a mystery to me as  what made the thieves return the statues back after several months.
The third incident was another proof as to how lord protects his ardent devotees from all the troubles. Apparently, the script reveals we had to go through troubles for the sins committed in our previous birth. One of such cases is of a gentlemen named Madhav who was sales supervisor in a foreign country. On the day he was about to return from his home country, his subordinate called him on his India number and asked for an emergency leave and without any handover formalities of sales, he allowed him to leave. On his return he realised that the saleman had committed a financial fraud and had left the country. Innocent Madhav was imprisoned for someonelse’s mistake. He prayed to lord and while transferring him to jail from police custody, his name was erroneously entered under the list of deporting prisoners. He was happy to leave though he was not allowed in normal case. On reaching the airport, the immigration officials found a case in his name and sent him back to prison again. He continued to pray and after a couple of weeks, his name was once again under the list of deporting prisoners erroneously. He called me and asked whether if he will be sent back again from airport, but this time for everyone’s surprise he was cleared from immigration ( Which is still a mystery ) and reached home. A further investigation was opened by the authorities to find out how he escaped where this alerts in the computer system failed at all the exit points. This is a classic example of lords “Maya”, on his devotees. There are many more living examples of the divine actions.



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