Sonal Shah Maheshwary: Being a New Mom and an Entrepreneur!

“Motherhood should always activate a woman’s desire to be creative and follow her entrepreneurial dreams keeping her lively and active”

This is apt with this year’s theme of International Women’s Day, “Choose to Challenge”.

Anyone who has their mothers or sisters juggling between jobs and handling household responsibilities knows what kind of multitasking a woman has to do to maintain her status quo in the world. The society has lot of questions and advice for them in reference to the shift of focus from their work to home. And many a times, the situation too keeps them think of everything else other than their dreams and career.

Fortunately, the situation was different and favoring for Sonal Shah Maheshwary, a creative entrepreneur hailing from Vadodara (Gujarat), India. Bubbling with full of innovative ideas for her creative start up, she exclusively works towards client delight with her customized services as per the client’s requirements bringing happiness to their lives. Today, she’s backed by a strong determination to lead a life as per her will, strong family support and ample desires for success and growth. Read on to know more about her amazing entrepreneurial journey in the below excerpts.

1. Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey. What inspired you to start the business?

I am a human development specialist and worked in this field for 10-12 years before I got this wonderful news of my conception in 2017. I left my job and was enjoying my life as a new mom. They say, “Time flies.” and there we were celebrating our son’s first birthday. This is where I decided to do something unique and special for him so I searched for chalkboards online but they weren’t up to the mark of my expectations. Then I decided to do some out of the box thinking myself and let me tell you that everyone just loved it. Then came my nephew’s birthday and I created my second chalkboard. It was a great creative experience for me. My spouse noticed this growing passion in me and thus, along with my brother, motivated me further to take this journey ahead by starting my stint as an independent entrepreneur. It started with creating theme based and customized chalkboards for kids and gradually grew into much more. The idea was to make every happy occasion in the life of people memorable so that they may remember it always by cherishing their beautiful memories.

2. What was the inspiration behind this quirky name – Tugbuk Tugbuk?

The star of my heart, my son, he loves the song “Lakdi ki kaathi, Kaathi pe ghoda” and would keep humming over its tune, especially the ‘tugbuk tugbuk’ part. That’s how my startup got its identity. Since my products are unique, I was in search of a name that would be unique, out of the box as well and should add an innocent, playful touch to it. And “Tugbuk Tugbuk” became the perfect choice.

3. How did you begin to grow the business?

Once I was absolutely clear on how I wanted to proceed ahead, I slowly began to bring my business to life. It was purely an organic growth in the initial stages wherein I started with catering to my friends and family. Soon, I began to get orders by word of mouth. Through a collaboration with a digital marketing firm, I established my brand identity and a solid social media presence. I got an opportunity to participate in exhibitions too thereon. In April 2021, we will be celebrating 2 years of Tugbuk Tugbuk. It’s a great feeling when you know your creative journey is being loved and encouraged by so many people.

This one is to all the new moms; your creativity will go on forever. You should nurture your skills and talent even more. The journey is infinite. You can actually run & grow a business by staying at home. Believe you me, when I say that you’ll start feeling your life more enriched and meaningful. Of course, your friends and family’s support are a must.

4. Tell us more about your creative startup and target audience?

With Tugbuk Tugbuk, my initial approach was to cater only to children by creating customized chalkboards for their birthdays with unique themes based on client’s requirements, birth-stats posters & frames to highlight important aspects of a baby’s initial life journey and milestone cards to highlight the adorable moments during the 1st year of a baby’s life.

Though this used to make me wonder if I want to make someone’s all happy occasions of life memorable and bring happiness to them through my creativity, I must diversify it to people of all ages and include each & every occasion of their lives! In addition to the above mentioned, I started making chalkboard posters for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, special days and all important occasions of their lives. The product range of Tugbuk Tugbuk also includes customized wooden sign boards, name plates, wooden alphabets, map canvass print, road play toy etc. My recent product namely, “Journey2Forever”, which is a fusion of invaluable memories in the form of an album, was received with lots of love and created demand in a short while. With so many new additions to my unique, creative and customized products line, I now cater to the people of every age group who wants to make every happy occasions of their lives memorable and bring immense happiness within. I have also started organizing events from 2021 for all happy occasions and celebrations of life.

5. Did you witness any changes / challenges in your business pre and post covid scenario?

Of course, the initial 3 months of complete lockdown were not up to the mark for my business wherein everyone was coping up with this new change and getting accustomed to the new normal. It was indeed a waiting period for all of us and we wished for things to be normal soon. It was a testing time for all budding entrepreneurs. But soon enough, my business picked up from where it was left pre-pandemic period and the orders started to pour in. In fact, compared to the first year of my startup, the second year was miraculously successful in terms of growth by all means viz., excelled in branding of my startup, enhanced the clientele and created more innovative & unique products utilizing this time optimally. I am grateful to the God within and everyone around me who have contributed to my success.

6. What is the vision of Tugbuk Tugbuk?

As the tagline of my start up says, “Crafting Memories & More…..”, the vision of Tugbuk Tugbuk is touching lives of people by giving them invaluable memories for each and every happy occasions of their life.

I fulfill my vision by creating new, customized, innovative and products for everyone which will bring immense joy and happiness in people’s lives. Life is precious, Celebrate it. I strongly believe in client delight through out of box thinking and creating diversified products for all.

For us, humans, memories are precious. People will cherish and preserve the memories of their life through my unique range of theme based customized products. Everyone needs a tangible source, through which they can relive their happiest moments of life and experience the same emotion and that’s Tugbuk Tugbuk.





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