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Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple Karnangeri, Madikeri.

Sri Raja Rajeshwari Temple Karnangeri, Madikeri.
This temple is more than 85 years old. It is located in a town called Karnangeri which belongs to Madikeri, Coorg district in Karnataka. It is a very powerful temple with many miracles. Any devotee who comes here with any wish or difficulties never goes back disappointed.
Sri Govinda Swamy-Dharmadhikari

Mata Devi Sri Raja Rajeshwari always blesses them and frees them from all their problems. Temple pooja initially began with Late Sri Sannaiah Swamy and Late Sri Narayana Swamy took over. Currently Sri Srinivasa Swamy and Dharmadhikari Sri Govinda Swamy are running the temple. Poojas are performed everyday. Main poojas are performed on every Monday night post 7 pm, Tuesday morning 9 am, Friday morning 9 am, Saturday night 7 pm and every amavasya night pooja at 7 pm.

Sri Srinivasa Swamy.
Thousands of devotees and many prominent personalities have visited and are still visiting the temple from across the country. It was a very small temple first and now grown to this level only and only because of all the good that has happened to all the devotees. Free anna dhaanam is provided to each and everyone who visits the temple. May Goddess Sri Raja Rajeshwari bless everyone.
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