Strawberry Moon Illuminates Night Sky Across The World. See Pics

Netizens shared beautiful pics of the glowing moon, which appeared pink in colour.

People across the globe were treated to the wonderful sight of the stunning strawberry full moon which glistened in the night sky over the weekend. The strawberry moon, which is also known as the rose moon, was captured by people rising above the Empire State Building, behind Stonehenge and at various other places. Internet users shared beautiful pictures of the glowing moon, which appeared pink in colour and shined radiantly in the night sky. 

According to CNN, the strawberry moon has nothing to do with the colour of the full moon in the month of June, but it is related to ancient traditions. It got its name from Native American tribes “to mark the ripening of ‘June-bearing’ strawberries that are ready to be gathered,” as per The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which notes, “As flowers bloom and early fruit ripens, June is a time of great abundance for many”. 

People of other regions have also given the moon names that represent their seasonal or cultural customs – such as the Europeans’ honey moon since June “was traditionally the month of marriage, and is even named after the Roman goddess of marriage, Juno,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

In India, the full Moon corresponds with Vat Purnima. According to NASA, during the three days of this full Moon, married Hindu women show their love for their husbands by tying a ceremonial thread around a banyan tree. The festival is based on the legend of Savitri and Satyavan from the epic Mahabharata.

Some of the other names for this full Moon are Flower Moon, Hot Moon, Hoe Moon, and Planting Moon, as per the NASA blog.

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