Sahil Nair, 22, He is currently doing B-Tech in Computer Science Engineering from SRM University. Where would life take him now was his fear. He was talented but couldn’t find his way out because he didn’t just want a 9-5 job. He was born for something different.
He has been recognized as “fashionwithsahil”.Unique style is Sahil’s perfection of lifestyle and fashion. You will definitely want to take inspiration from his unique way of styling.
“fashionwithsahil” is his blog which has inspired many men out there for styles. His style speaks about his dressing sense. He started writing his blog in 2019 and has finally become one of the known bloggers in Delhi. Apart from being a blogger he’s also a model where he has done ramp walk in his College. Collaborated with Rapido – Bike Taxi App. His blogging journey started when he was 20 and he’s known for his styles in this blogging industry. His take of fashion is very unique from other bloggers where  he wears Coat, Blazers, Formal Dress .He has 5K+ followers on Instagram.
He has climbed the heights of success one step at a time. It was 2018 when he started posting his looks on Instagram & Facebook Page. He says always be positive and always look forward in life. Never miss opportunities & grab all of them. It was difficult to manage studies and blogging together but he tried his best without worrying where he grabs his coffee and goes for a photoshoot with his childhood friend who is a photographer on weekends. He has been dealing with mental stress since he was 20 because he couldn’t manage to speak up and tell his parents about blogging as they wouldn’t believe that he would make money out of this and take it  ahead as his career. It took a year for him to decide and tell his parents about his passion where he could earn a good amount and make them proud of this journey.
Sahil Nair
With his journey it’s pretty clear that nothing is impossible in life if you give your best and he has proved that dreams come true.
He is present on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Winkl, Blogspot, Pinterest, You Tube, Tik Tok and is admired for his work. He believes in being honest about reviewing the brand’s that he’s working with to his audience. His dedication and consistency towards his page is something we would like to appreciate.
He started putting up his content without having the fear of being judged.However his posts got good and honest feedback from his audience. He says be unique and don’t copy what others are doing.
Be true to who you are!
Blogging is a creative field and it takes time to reach there, once you do there wouldn’t be any need to look back. People don’t realize that blogging is a career and passion.
Classic things never die so I like to keep my outfits classy and minimal, he says, don’t want to get vanished by following trends so he personally never follows them.
Everyone in this world has got some unique talent and he found his talent, followed the path by not copying others. Always wanted to do something different and ‘stand out from the crowd. Started posting about fashion and lifestyle and has started taking his blogging journey more seriously as he wants to take this ahead as his career. Shares behind the scene with the audience so that they all know it is not glam there, it’s all about hard work and struggles. Now people have started asking him for fashion advice and few also ask him to decide their attires. Believes in giving genuine product and quality reviews to the audience only after using them and he doesn’t promote anything in which he doesn’t believe. Blogging requires a lot of time and  investment where you need to check emails, reply to your audience and schedule shoots.
It might look like a risk, but what’s life without taking one? One such person who took a chance of blogging and influencing to achieve his dreams in the fashion world is Sahil Nair.


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