Summer clothing: Whether you`re preparing for a beach trip, visiting the neighbourhood pool, or simply spending time in the sun. It`s all about being carefree, cosy, and fashionable in summer fashion. And the vogue patterns for this season are no different! You can combat the heat in style with the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion, which features denim, bold prints, loose fits, and sheer fabrics.

Here is a list of some of the most popular looks and movements, hand-picked by Myntra`s staff of professional stylists:

K-Pop Bottoms

A style that has emerged following the culture bomb, that is Korean pop music, K-Pop inspired bottoms have taken to the wardrobes of fashion-forward GenZ shoppers across the country. They add an Instagram-able silhouette and pair perfectly with crop tops, making them a favourite among fashion content creators. This style is also loved amongst fans of Korean music bands like BTS and BLACKPINK, giving them a chance to dress like their music idols and relate to a completely different culture, via fashion and the music they love.

Hyper Graphics

A summer must-have for GenZ and Millenials alike, hypergraphics are all the hype in the fashion space right now, especially considering the onset of summer. From printed tees to oversized apparel, hyper graphics are an interesting choice to have in your wardrobe and bring that laid-back vibe to the fore.

Breezy and light Linens

An evergreen classic, linens are the perfect way to add a touch of grace and elegance to your wardrobe this summer. With options ranging from shirts, pants, dresses, shorts, and suits, the endless choices, in tandem with the texture and the lightness of the fabric, is a no-brainer for anyone looking to elevate their fashion game this season!

Y2K Bottoms

Y2K bottoms are a celebration of the coming together of the fashion choices of the GenZ and Millenial fashion enthusiasts, giving the former a way to connect with the culture and fashion of their predecessors, while enabling the latter to have throwbacks to their heydays. Y2K fashion choices also add colour, fun, and a party vibe to your wardrobe, giving you more options to complete that perfect summer outfit.

Fusion Sarees

A perfect choice for the modern Indian woman, fusion sarees present fashionistas with numerous options to style their sarees, allowing them to break away from traditional saree outfits, to incorporate different necklines, sleeves, textures, and an indo-western combination. Fusion sarees make for great cocktail attire and give the nine yards a contemporary twist.


The epitome of Summer fashion, sheer fabrics allow a woman to flaunt her body, with confidence, grace, and style. A breathable fabric that accentuates your curves, Sheers are best known to transform from day to night quite effortlessly. These fabrics give you a stylish and alluring appearance and pair perfectly with almost any kind of pants or skirt. Oh, and they also make for perfect for #OOTD pictures on the `gram.

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