“Welcoming our daughter. Blessed and overjoyed as Khrisha enters our home,” Tina Ambani wrote

We finally have glimpses from Anil Ambani and Tina Ambani’s elder son, Anmol Ambani’s wedding ceremony. He recently got married to Khrisha Shah in Mumbai. Pictures from the gala wedding festivities are now all over social media. Thanks to Tina  Ambani for posting a slew of images from the wedding rites and rituals. From snapshots of smiling faces to captions that speak volumes about the new member of the family, the Instagram posts have left quite a buzz. Tina Ambani made sure that the new bride received a warm welcome into the Ambani family. Hence, the first post shows the Ambanis and Khrisha Shah in one frame. The caption read, “Welcoming our daughter. Blessed and overjoyed as Khrisha enters our home. A new chapter for Anmol, a new energy in the house, a new beginning for us all. Gratitude.”

Tina Ambani has also shared a black and white photo where the parents stand beside Anmol Ambani. Tina Ambani’s caption read, “Invoking the blessings of the Lord.”

This image was followed by a photo from the “Mandva Mahurat” ceremony. Tina Ambani wrote, “An auspicious beginning – Mandva Mahurat.”

We loved to peer through the frames from various pre-wedding festivities like Mehendi. Here’s a colourful snapshot that captures the upbeat vibes of the Mehendi festivities. In the frame, we see Tina Ambani and Anmol Ambani with bride-to-be Khrisha Shah. The caption read, “The colour of beauty – the Mehendi.”

Tina Ambani cherished Khrisha Shah’s entry into the family with great pomp. The mother-in-law posted a family postcard and wrote, “Our cherished new family – the Mehendi.”

Another slide from the Mehendi festivity is waiting for your attention.

Next up, we have an adorable moment from the Haldi function. Posting a photo from the festivity, she captioned it, “Rite of passage – the Haldi.” Take a look:

To conclude her photo dump, Tina Ambani posted a candid photo of Anil Ambani. In the monochromatic image, Anil Ambani stands and smiles in front of a portrait of his father Dhirubhai Ambani. “Pappa’s blessings always light the way,” read the caption.

We wish Anmol Ambani and Khrisha Shah a happy married life.

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