UNISOC Completes IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group’s Technical Test on 5G Device Network Slicing

On November 2nd 2021, UNISOC successfully completed all test cases of the technical test on 5G device network slicing. This demonstrates that UNISOC 5G chips have achieved network slicing capability and lays a solid foundation for large-scale commercial application of 5G network slicing technology.

The technical test was based mainly on the Technical Requirements for and Test Methods of Device Network Slicing Functions, a test specification developed by the IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group and following 3GPP 5G standard. This test verified the network slicing scheme based on UNISOC 5G chips. The scheme is designed on the basis of modem-centric architecture to realize service characteristic attributes and network slicing matching in the modem. This results in flexible, efficient capacity expansion and highly sensitive perception of service attributes, providing users with a rich, diversified, high-quality slicing service for long-term use.

The technical test verified the device network slicing functions, such as registration, PDU dialog creation and URSP configuration update. It also verified the terminal’s capacity to select a slice based on DNN, FQDN, IP triple or APP ID in URSP. The test shows that UNISOC 5G chips support multi-slice, multi-service concurrent capacity.

UNISOC has been a long-term participant in the discussion and preparation of 5G technical specifications organized by IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group and in the testing of key 5G technologies. 5G network slicing is the core technology that will enable 5G to empower vertical industries. In the future, UNISOC will continue to cooperate with industrial partners to promote the development and commercialization process of 5G network slicing.


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