Uttarakhand Teen Had Blunt-Force Trauma, Drowned: Report On Resort Murder

Violent protests erupted in areas surrounding the resort

New Delhi:

The 19-year-old woman murdered in Uttarakhand died due to drowning, according to the draft autopsy report. The report also said that the woman had blunt force trauma.

The autopsy was done at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh.

A senior BJP leader’s son was yesterday arrested following widespread outrage over the murder of the young girl. The girl was a receptionist at a resort owned by BJP leader Vinod Arya’s son, Pulkit Arya, in Rishikesh.

He had reported her missing on Monday, as did her family, but police said it later turned out he, along with two staff members, had killed her. Those two have been arrested too.

Violent protests erupted in areas surrounding the resort with locals breaking glass panes and some trying to torch a pickle factory in its premises. However, the fire did not spread much as the weather was cloudy.

WhatsApp text messages from the murdered woman suggest that the teenager was being forced into prostitution by the accused men.

“They are trying to turn me into a prostitute,” read one of her messages to a friend, to whom she was describing her experiences working as a receptionist at the now expelled senior BJP leader’s son’s resort.

Earlier today, the ruling BJP expelled Vinod Arya and his son

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