she wanted to try different things since she was a child, starting from learning Yoga to, music, to kathak , to calligraphy, to table tennis, to painting, and much more, she always liked creativity and art . she studied BA LLB in her graduation, and worked as an advocate too, in a corporate firm or a couple of months. but that was merely for her father’s satisfaction.

She dreamt of a creative career always and she started getting influenced by how to showcase your creativity in different forms, even in her law school, she was in the music team, then in the fashion team, she even tried her hands on professional modelling, but eventually left that path and started exploring Fashion in general, started learning about fashion influencing, fashion blogging, and vlogging.

And she wanted to explore and travel as much. she got inspired by social media influencers like aakriti rana, and aashna Shroff. around her last year of college, she started working towards her social media journey. In 2019, she went to United kingdom to attend London Fashion Week with some of the top fashion bloggers in India and learnt more about this as a career, later she even took a trip to Ladakh with her favorite creator, Aakriti, and then she knew she was in the right place.

She was criticized and was under immense pressure of leaving a corporate career to building her own name through social media. But she fought against all odds and started doing what makes her the happiest and brings out the best in her. She always believed in giving her 100 percent , which she says can happen only if you love what you do..She mostly focuses on fashion, and beauty.

Rapidly growing her community and has made impact on many people to follow their passion, leading the way herself. She is very passionate about traveling and exploring new places, infact she has been travelling quite alot and collaborating with a few travel agencies , creating content while she travels and unfold parts of herself , exploring herself. She always had an interest in landscape photography, and her travel videos and vlogs absolutely bring out the eye of her in the same.

Fashion is more like a lifestyle- she says, while style can be what you physically appear to be or wear. She says fashion includes everything from your body language, the way you talk, walk, think, and how confident you are about being yourself.

Always thriving to be better,best and better than the best. She realised over the time that she absolutely loved making videos, or being in videos and started to join all the dots slowly, She realised her love for the art of acting, and hence She is a part of a renowned agency called Casting Beans in Mumbai, and she has been groomed for the art and given opportunities to learn and persue this art in the right direction.

She is looking forward to explore new roads with hardwork and patience, hoping to create remarkable milestones , learning More , become wiser and Ace the game not only in her proffession, but also as a Human being and so she can inspire more Dreamers.

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