Virtual Auditor – A Business Advisory Firm Supporting Startups in Strengthening Their Position in India

In today’s challenging yet favourable market condition, entrepreneurs need to be smart and forward-thinking to scale their businesses optimally. Startup advisory experts provide them with expert technical knowledge and extensive market experience to help budding entrepreneurs launch their startups and grow their businesses. Virtual Auditor is an online company registration and startup valuation service that assist startups at every stage and help them to push their boundaries.


Virtual Auditor is founded and headed by CA V Viswanathan, FCA, ACS, RV (S&FA), and CFE. CA Viswanathan is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, an associate member of the Institute of Companies Secretaries of India, an IBB-Registered Valuer (Securities and financial Assets), and a Certified Fraud Examiner (USA). Under his leadership, Virtual Auditor offers company valuation and due diligence services, helping startups be complaint and funding ready.



In recent years, entrepreneurial aspirations among Indian youngsters have been on a constant rise. The Government of India is also looking at its startup ecosystem as a support to the country’s economy and vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. In this scenario, Virtual Auditor helps budding entrepreneurs to incorporate their new businesses in India. Its startup registration services are a seamless and hassle-free way of registering your startup business in India. In addition, the tech-driven business consultancy firm looks after the compliance and regulatory aspects of the companies, enabling them to avoid any future complications. Moreover, it strives to make the business incorporation process as seamless as possible by leveraging personalized solutions, effective coordination, and advisory support throughout the business startup process.



It is an undeniable fact that raising funds is an integral part of any startup’s journey. Startup valuation is the way to determine the amount of equity startups have to give to an investor in exchange for funds. Needless to say, company valuation, therefore, plays an essential part in making or breaking a new startup. A wrong valuation can actually be a deal-breaker, pushing a startup towards the negative side of the picture. Virtual Auditor takes care of the valuation of a startup while looking at every related factor such as traction, reputation, prototype, pre-valuation revenues, distribution channel, and the industry. At Virtual Auditor, expert IBBI-registered valuers hold specialized experience in dealing with startups and yield the best-suited results for your startup process. The registered valuators value the startup businesses following internationally-accepted valuation methods.


Talking about the new-age business advisory firm, Founder CA V Viswanathan says, “We are into business advisory space since 2012 and has advised many clients in company valuation, amalgamations, corporate structuring, and tax and audit. At Virtual Auditor, our goal is to enable entrepreneurs to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest of the compliance and regulatory aspects. We pay close attention to your business plan and advice you on the choice of a legal entity, licenses, funding, taxation, and compliance. With our platform, we are now focused on empowering budding entrepreneurs to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations in a smooth and hassle-free manner.”



Virtual Auditor offers unique Virtual CFO Services that handle the accounts, finance, company operations, reporting, and other tasks in the company. The CA/CS professionals at Virtual Auditor have deep knowledge and experience in financial planning and advisory. As a result, the business advisory firm is capable of developing and evaluating management accounts, interim and annual budgeting, designing compensation, projecting cash flow, managing creditors and debtors, analyzing internal controls, and handling compliance management. Businesses that are yet to have an internal CFO can avail of Virtual Auditor’s Virtual CFO Services to efficiently tackle challenges from their financial conditions, management, accounting, and overall business growth.


Virtual Auditor believes in developing long-term relationships with its clients by treating them royally with loyalty. Moreover, the business advisory firm stands by its clients throughout their startup journey to make their entrepreneurial aspirations a reality. Besides online services, the firm also creates an offline touch point to serve its customers uninterruptedly.


For over a decade they have managed to establish a reputation for being highly professional, experienced, and accommodating. Interested customers can check out their official website at for more information. They can also check out what previous clients have to say about Virtual Auditor. Clients can also pay Virtual Auditor  a visit in their main office.


As the Indian startup ecosystem is witnessing a rapid growth rate, Virtual Auditor envisions supporting startups and companies in becoming a part of the Digital India revolution.



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