What are the strategies of big companies  to develop metaverse, including didi, Roblox, Microsoft, Bytedance and Huawei?

At present, the Internet development has come into bottleneck stage. And the metaverse as a new landmark stands at the forefront of technological change, capital is crazy about the carnival, and the business community regards it as a feast.

“The metaverse is a very largely realizable future, and now is the perfect time to take the initiative,” Twitter executives said recently.

So how exactly do we build the metaverse? Experts from the World Internet Development Forum suggest that the metaverse, as the new digital foundation for the future, should also be implemented as a large-scale “digital infrastructure” like 5G networks, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, etc.

For the metaverse of the underlying technology architecture, there are a lot of explanations in the industry , including network environment, virtual interface, data processing, authentication mechanism, content production and other aspects. In addition, 5G networks provide a communication base, cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud rendering provide a computational basis, artificial intelligence in content production, content rendering, content review, and so on, and the above technology will become the cornerstone of the building of the metaverse.


Who Will be the “Xirang”in Metaverse?

Companies register the metaverse trademark, change the name of the enterprise, and CEO talk about metaverse planning… Just at the beginning, we can see the ratracefrom the enterprise’s metaverse construction.

In the virtual world of multi-person interaction, which creates identity, spans virtual and reality, and persists forever, enterprises are not willing to lag behind and compete for the initial “modeling” of the metaverse.

Meta’s VR social platform, Horizon, Microsoft’s conference collaboration platform Mesh with 3D avatar and XR capabilities, HTC’s virtual platform VIVE Sessions, Baidu’s intelligent AI scenario application “Xirang”, NetEase’s immersive activity system “Taitai” are typical.


In terms of the current layout of enterprises and technical capabilities, it can be probably divided into five categories.

The parallel development path of hardware and software.Includes Meta, byte beat, HTC.

Meta Focus is developing social platforms, VR hardware, and AI capabilities, with the goal of transforming into metaverse company within five years. Byte dance acquired VR hardware company Pico, invested in Metaverse Concepts Inc. code and VR digital twin cloud service providers, software and hardware co-development. HTC has the content and hardware capabilities, launched virtual idol Vee. VIVEPORT as a VR content platform including games, video, social content, etc., is becoming an application platform that can be connected into different end devices. Immersive glasses, VR head display and other hardware ports open the door to the metaverse.


From the perspective of enterprise, consumer applications, the representatives are Roblox, Microsoft, Huawei.

Game company Roblox became the first of Metaverseto list this year’s, forming the prototype of the Metaverse through game engines, cloud services, UGC content platforms, and virtual currencies. Microsoft turned its Microsoft Teams into a metaverse, incorporating MR platform Mesh into Teams, starting with enterprise-class applications and expanding into areas such as gaming socialization. Huawei started with AR interaction, recently released based on the virtual reality fusion technology Cyberverse (River Map) AR interactive experience app “Starlight Tower”, participants in the virtual fusion of the world to collect energy, search treasure chests, look for NPC, occupy energy tower and other operations.


Invita and Alibaba are empowered by basic technology.

Nvida is based on the underlying calculation of the GPU, starting with the technology platform used by Omniverse Avatar to generate interactive AI incarnations, with real-time simulation simulation and collaboration platform Omniverse digital twins as the main breakthrough points. Alibaba has added an operating system lab and an XR lab to study operating systems under the next-generation cloud-network converged architecture and a new generation of mobile computing platforms.

Tencent, Baidu and NetEase promote the exploration of the metaversefull-step from the front end to the end of commercial scenario applications.

Tencent has the ability to build a large server architecture, manage the digital content economy and manage digital assets in real-world digital assets in gaming, social media, engines, artificial intelligence, cloud services, and virtual people-related areas. Baidu relies on a series of AI capabilities, with the help of VR content platform, VR interactive platform, to promote the hardware consumption experience upgrade and content productivity. NetEase has in VR, AR, artificial intelligence, engines, cloud games, blockchain and other related fields have technology reserves, and AI virtual person host, planet blockchain and other products landing, and invest in a number of virtual people in the field of innovation companies.

Litentry and DiDi message move from digital services in the metaverse world to the future, integrating development.


Litentry is the first decentralized cross-chain identity protocol on Poca that is compatible with different DID standards to provide reliable decentralized identity aggregation computing services. Litentry launched the metaverse identity app My Crypto Profile in August, allowing users to show off their NFT collection on Twitter by linking Ethereum’s identity to their Twitter accounts, and has partnered with the Metaverse project The Sandbox and others. DiDi message, on the other hand, is a platform application for a new life in the digital economy, and it is beginning to lay out the metaverse. DiDi message starts with decentralized digital authentication and builds the digital economy of the metaverse based on the exchange, trading and consumption of the digital economy of the future metaverse. DiDi message from the digital economic foundation began to integrate the development of the metaverse, will become an important metaverse connector.

Although the current definition and scene of the metaverse is still quite vague, it is shaped in a variety of ways, including games.Social networking, office, exhibition, education, entertainment, etc. will become the metaversefields.Who will become the leader of the next generation of the metaverse? We will have to wait and see.


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