Mumbai: Veteran screen villain Ranjeet on Saturday shared a funny anecdote with fans from the set of the 1978 film “Parmatma” that featured Rekha and Shatrughan Sinha.

In an Instagram post, Ranjeet recalled how Rekha taught him Tamil language while working in the film.

“I had absolutely forgotten about this get up! I feel so funny with these blue eyes and golden hair. Rekha tried to teach me Tamil during the shoot — I didn’t know that she was only teaching me bad words. Naughty girl,” he wrote.

He also shared that Shatrughan Sinha addresses him as “Bhagwan”.

“@shatrughansinhaofficial always used to quote that Rajneesh was Vinod Khanna’s Bhagwan and I was his.. he says he learnt all the bad habits from me .. he still addresses me as Bhagwan whenever we meet,” Ranjeet added.

Along with his post, Ranjeet uploaded the film’s poster featuring the three actors.




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