Today, one of the economic sectors with the highest growth is the tourist sector. The tourism sector has experienced enormous expansion and growth during the past few years. Arrivals of foreign tourists have dramatically increased over the last few decades.

The exposure to various cultures, ancestries, traditions, and individuals from various nations enables us to extend our perspectives and realise how much the world has to offer. The world’s countries offer a variety of terrains that can be explored, including nature, wildlife, towns, rainforests, oceans, and mountains.

We can experience the delight of wondering and wandering by travelling to many nations and learning about their histories, cultures, and customs. Tourism contributes to raising awareness of the importance of this encounter.

World Tourism Day 2023: Date

World Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 every year. The big day falls on Wednesday this year.

World Tourism Day 2023: Theme

The theme for this year’s World Tourism Day is ‘Tourism and Green Investments’. One of the top priorities for the recovery, future expansion, and development of tourism, according to UNWTO, is investment. 

World Tourism Day: History

World Tourism Day was first declared by the World Tourism Organisation in 1979, but it wasn’t until 1980 that it became a recognised holiday. The World Tourism Organisation adopted statues on September 27, which makes that date relevant for World Tourism Day celebrations.

World Tourism Day: Significance

According to an excerpt on the UNWTO website, “World tourist Day 2023 will be a call to action for the international community, governments, multilateral financial institutions, development partners, and private sector investors to come together around a new tourist investment plan. The UNWTO emphasises the need for more and better focused investments for people, the earth, and prosperity on World Tourism Day 2023.

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