The court said Sushil Kumar is not suffering from any disease (File)

New Delhi:

Sushil Kumar’s demands for a special diet and supplements in jail appear to be “desires and wishes”, not necessities, a Delhi court said today as it rejected the jailed wrestler’s petition.

“By the way of present application, the accused/applicant is not claiming any deficiency in a person’s daily diet, their quantities and the common source of nutrients as mentioned in Delhi Prisons Rules, 2018. Meaning thereby, the accused/applicant has been provided with a balanced and healthy diet,” the court said in its order.

The court added that Sushil Kumar, accused of murdering a fellow wrestler, is not suffering from any disease.

“The law should be equal and should be equally administered, that like should be treated alike,” the court observed.

In his petition, Sushil Kumar had demanded he be given Omega 3 capsules, pre-workout supplements and multivitamin pills as he was preparing for competitions. He also wanted exercise bands for workout.

Sushil Kumar, the only Indian to have won two individual Olympic medals, was arrested by the Delhi police on May 23 in connection with the murder of Sagar Dhankar, his junior at the national capital’s Chhatrasal Stadium.

The police have alleged that Kumar and his associates had thrashed the young wrestler and his two friends after an altercation in May. Dr Dhankad had died in a hospital later.

Sushil Kumar had been on the run for nearly three weeks before his arrest.

The wrestler has been kept in a separate cell in Delhi’s Mandoli jail. For security reasons, he is not allowed to meet anyone.

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