Painting and photography are often considered the same creative expressions. Learning to notice and to visualize is important to each medium. Rachel Priya Benson is a painter who uses both technical skills and a vision to convert real life into a photograph. A proficient photographer with an artistic eye who took up the camera as another tool of expression just like a brush or a pencil. She established the brand, Flashbrush Productions, an out of the box name coined by her 8-year-old son that reflected the relationship between both mediums as art forms that extend the possibilities of image creation. The 7-year fulfilling journey of Flashbrush Productions has seen the team starting as photographers for small private birthday and graduation parties and then progressing to weddings, corporate events, fashion shows and finally being the official paparazzi for Indian/ american celebrity concerts across the USA. They excel in photography, videography, and cinematography and have created everlasting memories by freezing amazing moments and converting almost anything and anyone to sheer beauty.

Priya loves breaking stereotypes and that’s how her photographs interest the audience so much. Her love for travel and photography, a lethal combination in itself, has led her to take images that tell a great story even with a lack of any human element. She is truly a travel snapper and has captured incredible sights and stunning photos across several landscapes. She addresses subjects, both unassuming and illustrious with equal elan. She specializes in those candid, carefree moments that will continue to evoke the love and happiness of that day every time you look at them. She calls herself a life long student of photography and believes that she is constantly learning from different people. She believes in not only making money for herself but also create a culture in which other photographers both amateurs and professionals can reach their goals and know that their thoughts and insights are appreciated. She has always provided a platform for new and unexplored talent. She has an exceptional team of photographers who specialize in different genres like portraits, maternity, newborns, real estate, food, restaurants, fashion, jewelry, commercial/product, and concert photography. Their main job, according to her, is to capture the “love, laughter, joy, and all the emotions.”

Her portfolio of work also includes shooting TV shows for Channel CBS TX 21, fashion shows of leading fashion houses like (Anita Dogre), Varun Bahl  for Silk Threads By Ruby Bhandari  etc. Concert photography has been a challenge as it is notoriously difficult but she loves to undertake it, as they are a natural combination of two of her lifelong passions; music and visual art. She feels that concerts have a distinctive and special atmosphere of packed arenas and dim lighting, and capturing that vibe and impression in a picture brings more satisfaction than shooting other scenes and subjects. She has hands-on experience in live coverage and photography of performances of artists and music events of Arijit Singh, Sonu Nigam, Ilayaraja, Neha Kakkar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to name a few. Salman Khan’s DA-BANGG concert, the most bombastic Bollywood live tour has been by far the biggest and the most prestigious medley of superstars that have come across her lens to date. Her calm demeanor puts celebs at ease and helps her click those “iconic” images that make her stand out from the rest. She is great at snapping close-ups and her spontaneity and go-getter aggressiveness helps her turn those short and precious minutes into long-lasting memories for the celebrities that they can share for a lifetime. She has had her brand endorsed by celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Saleem Sulman, Madhavan, and warning Hussain who have shared pictures clicked by her on their on social media and also on Indian media. Last year, she diversified into FlashBrush Media which specializes in concert and celebrity photography as well as videography.


Her creative mind provides the viewer with a memorable and remarkable experience. She weaves photographs with other images to create a visual series that acts as a photographic chronicle. There is a quote by Ansel Adam that holds true for Priya: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it”.



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