Immigration still remains a challenging process for many. Most of the people are not fully aware of the immigration procedures. This is where consultation from immigration agencies/professionals is recommended. Kansas Overseas Careers is changing the way by breaking the myth associated with the immigration procedure.

With a range of possibilities under their domain, Kansas is making sure that none of the applicants is worried about the processes. Not only as an immigration consultancy, but Kansas also provides a career consultancy, Kansas provides career consultancy as well.

They are working relentlessly with the independent ICCRC consultants and have registered more than 25000 applications with a satisfied customer rate of 98%. With a revolutionary movement, Kansas is trying to break the complicated immigration process to simpler one.

Started its operations in 2013 and presently it has become a platform of varied interests. Their experienced professionals are providing the best of the advice to who seek to travel, migrate as well as explore career opportunities overseas.

It has been taking adequate steps towards solving several queries like visa selection consultancy, application assistance, documentation process status and services. Also, it has been delivering hassle-free visa services to countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Germany with visa application processes, university selection, admission process drafting of required letters, etc.

Team and Approach

Kansas’s motive is to provide services that are honest, secured and result-oriented immigration services via effective visa consultation and visa processing. With years of experience in this field, the team is composed of skilled and enthusiastic professionals for constituting the backbone of the company.

They understand how complicated the immigration process can be while travelling to different nations. The best immigration consultants will explain to you the best way regarding features like a consultation, assessment, visa selection etc.

Experienced and well-trained case officers are there to take up the case file for the process filing, after having passed it through proper evaluation for immigration. The processes will include documents gathering, educational assessment, updating the rule changes, regular information about the process, etc.

The company offers immigration applications to countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany with various visa application processes. Kansas Overseas Careers has achieved the impossible feat of zero rejections, tremendous credit to its process consultants sharp eye-for-detail and dedication.

What Makes Kansas Different From Other Immigration Consultancy?

Best Requirement Packages

The best thing about Kansas is that it provides the option of a select pay pricing system, allowing clients to choose the best effective process in the market as per requirements. It takes into consideration every aspect of the applicants and makes it a primary goal to solve it effectively. No more visa processes seem to be complicated as Kansas has simplified the entire domain and let applicants find the best suit packages as per their convenience and requirements.

Job Search & CV Marketing Experts

The Kansas team is not only limited in their operations of visa application processes. They also have the best job search agents and CV marketing specialists sharing their views and help in lessening your burden in searching for a dream destination. They care to build a resume for the applicants, which is professional and internationally attractive. They tend to post your profile on various prominent job portals so that it gets in the best view of the international employers.

Customer Service & Support Department

As customer service is the top priority of any business, Kansas ensures that each client receives the upright and best services. Customer relations & service team is there to look into all the service & quality aspects.

Process Consultants & Case Officers

Experienced and well-trained process case officers are there to assist the case file for the process, after having passed it through an evaluation for immigration. Starting from filing your visa application, gathering of documents, educational assessment, updating you about rule changes, regular information about your process etc. The professional team of Kansas Overseas Careers ensures that you receive every minute details and timely assistance in each stage to avoid complicacies.

Offer Personalized Assistance

They give attention to each client regarding the visa application process. No matter how complex a visa case may seem, they tend to provide the best possible solutions keeping in mind the strict migration rules and regulations.



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