New Delhi: Love her or hate her, you can’t ignore Ankita Lokhande. The famous TV actress stays rent free in the minds of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ housemates. Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui and Aishwarya Sharma Bhatt ended up nominating the actress for eviction.

As Bigg Boss introduced this week’s nomination task, contestants Aishwarya, Munawar and Mannara got back at Ankita, who had the privilege to remove three of the contestants of her choice from a unique race to achieve a special power just last week. Interestingly, she had named these three people.

In her soft way, Mannara took “Ankita di’s name”. Then comes Munawar, who takes the actress’s name and said, “Agar aap dil se khelte ho na, toh dusro ke dil ka khayaal rakhiye.”

Furiated by the nominations, Ankita then goes to Aishwarya and said, “Na meri inse jamti thi pahele na kabhi jamegi.” To which, Aishwarya is heard saying: “You are trying to be a leader but you are not the leader.”

Not just this, Abhishek Kumar is also at loggerheads with Ankita. Abhishek Kumar, known for his straightforward nature, got into a scuffle with Ankita. 

Even in her personal relationship with Vicky Jain, there are quite a few cracks. While sorting out there personal situations, Ankita called Vicky a mad person. She clearly mentioned that she craved for Vicky’s attention.

With ever-changing dynamics in the house, the journey is just getting better and better. 


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