Nobody has thought of coronavirus pandemic in their wildest dream, which has brought unexpected challenges for businesses. When we talk about any crisis, the first ones to suffer on the ground floor are start-ups/ budding enterprises. We have seen mass layoffs to salary cuts, start-ups have put in their best keep themselves alive. A recent report by NASSCOM says that 70 % of businesses have a runway of fewer than three months.

Around 30-40 % of start-ups have halted temporarily, and 54 % of them are looking to pivot to new business opportunities.

To survive these unprecedented changes, start-ups must be ready to adapt and change their business model as per evolving consumer behaviour.

DesignerPeople Role in pandemic towards start-ups

When everywhere there was negative news for starts-ups DesignerPeople team was busy boosting their morale by showing them the scope of branding and packaging.

As a design agency, we used to get less number of calls for opting services, but we made sure that through our marketing activities and zoom, video calls, ensured to boost their confidence.

Our systematic work technique, down to earth nature, affordable pricing and creative skill are a point of values that attracts a wide variety of target audience, from start-ups to global brands.

As the people in crisis became more aware of the importance of packed food while they started preferring that due to hygiene and safety the design requirement also took a boom where we understood the changes in conditions now.

We conducted counselling so that businessmen can see the hope of silver lining as a form of unique opportunities.

As we have created our niche in the food industry while pandemic has not effected two significant sectors such as food and healthcare and hence we strategized marketing plans for them as per the need of the hour.

The brand messaging technique was changed and made more emotionally connective to customers instead of just selling approach. Health benefits were focussed on packaging such as “immunity booster, energy, strength many more which attracted the eyeballs of customers.

Simplistic designs were more in demand as people were not in a state to check in intricate designs while the brand positioning was also tweaked as per the need of the hour.

Experience rendered to start-ups

17+ years of rich experience as a Design agency, we have been working with a lot of giants companies in domestic as well as internationally. Working with those companies, we have gained a lot of beautiful methods, processes and enriched our work quality along with our reputed clientele. Hence we ensured to render the same quality of work from our journey even start-ups so that they can be on track from day 1. Our motive behind working for start-ups at best was to give the best at approachable costing.

DesignerPeople diverse workforce made sure that we connect each set of people from the different zone and understand their requirements comfortably and ensure the quality of packaging design.

A lot of startups from the health care sector, food industries, cosmetic, confectionaries were some of the major sectors which approached us for their branding and packaging requirements.


Our enthusiastic team, with their enriched experience, analyzed real-life pain-points and ground realities during COVID-19, which helps them to carve brand strategies. Hence this increases to gain excellent networks from dealer distributions to wholesalers. We have updated with the latest technologies, leverage them to analyze results and take corrective measures to enhance services to our clients.

In such an unprecedented period, the only thing startups can do is not give up as businesses are going to look different at the end of this. That does not mean it won’t survive, or that it can’t be successful in a new iteration of itself, it’s just that companies have to start working on adopting new normal.

As your future will depend on how fast you revamp your brand personality and positioning if required.

The harsh reality is that lot of startups will require to make massive pivots to revamp with a different vision to survive. Still, with correct guidance and consultation with a design agency, you can look new opportunities.

Fortunate to be working with many profitable brands in a pandemic, we have identified the key to success is to recognizes that viability depends on continuous agility. Looking at the situation, things are delicate all around the world, but we have to look forward and move on.

If you get stuck in this situation, then you won’t be able to cope up with the league so to gain a competitive advantage in this situation contact DesignerPeople we will help you to understand your brand guidelines and plan strategies as per our expert team.
Innovative ideas empower brand with diversity and creativity along with the growth of the brand with professional touch and refinement of artwork in its brand story on excellent packaging designs.


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