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Food is a one that brings people together, really close to each other.

Remember the way we used to share our lunch boxes in school and become best friends just like that. That how food shows its magic.
Thats how he was connected to food , his name is Anikait Luthra, has completed along 2 year of the jouney as food influencer and started his Instagram handle named “mr_craver”.
The journey has being beautiful for him, memories and alot of learning and exploring. Time flues like days to months and months to years. The journey has witnesses many ups and downs. The fussy foodie worked to be a wonderful chef then end up being a  food blogger that is now a food influencer.
Blogger and influencer is just a slightly different from each other, the difference is all about the perspective, and he always keeps himself open up for all the new ideas and opinions.
Anikait has travels and explore alot places in search of taste from Delhi NCR to Hillstates and more alike places. He love street foods and northern good is his life.
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