Bengaluru: Actress Samyuktha Hegde has alleged that a woman tried to attack and abuse her and her friends for doing a hula-hooping workout at a park wearing workout clothes.

She also accused a group of people instigated by the woman of threatening to label her as a drug user, amid the ongoing investigation regarding alleged drug links with those in the Kannada film industry.

The incident took place at a park near Agara lake in the city on Friday, and the woman who has been accused by Hegde has been identified as Kavitha Reddy, a Congress leader.

“The future of our country reflects on what we do today. We were abused and ridiculed by Kavitha Reddy at Agara Lake…There are witnesses and more video evidence I request you to look into this #thisisWRONG,” Hegde said in a tweet tagging the city police.

Along with the tweet Hegde has even posted a video, where she and her friends can be seen arguing with Reddy, who then can be seen purportedly rushing towards one of the girls to attack her, but cools down.

Hegde in a long Instagram video about the incident has accused Reddy of abusing and trying to attack them.

“We were doing hula hoop…The woman (Reddy) tried to attack us…This is wrong,” she says adding that the objection was regarding her dress as she was wearing a sportswear.

Reddy, on her part, has said that her objection was regarding playing music and dancing in the park, which is not allowed, and accused Hegde and her friends of abusing the park guard and her.

“So stripping off in public for no real reason but only to do a live video and avoid going to police station is some great deed? Abusing a poor guard who works. All day long is the behaviour of so called celebrity? Calling some one B****y B***h for telling rules is Cool?” Reddy had tweeted.

“Abusing an ordinary hardworking guard is the quality of a B Grade Celebrity Samyukta Hegde! Elite High Class Mentality who can’t follow rules but will abuse for stating rules…,” she said in another tweet.

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