1. Tell us about yourself and the work you do?

Well, my name is Manas Ram and I have been working on making ancient esoteric sciences relevant to modern life. To this end, I founded Nivaa Sciences where we teach ancient sciences in a logical fashion to help people understand the actual meaning behind age-old practices like Ayurveda, astrology, regressions etc.

2. Are you a trained healer?

Yes, I am a trained regression therapist.

3. How does past regression help? What are the benefits of getting it done?

Past life regressions have varied uses and can be implemented to every aspect of human life. As therapy, we use it to help people overcome addictions, diseases and problems in relationships. We also use it to help people understand more about themselves, which helps them change their personality traits with ease. Of late, I have also been helping several spiritual seekers to use regressions to overcome obstacles.

4. How many years of experience do you have ?

I became a trained therapist about 8 years ago. It has been quite a journey since then, I have not only helped my family and friends but also several other people. The change comes about at the subconscious level and it is quite fulfilling to see massive changes in people once they undertake the therapy.

5. Are there any specific points you focus on before doing past life regression?

The focus is always on the client and the problem they come to us with. Some people come to us with specific problems and some with generic issues. We work very closely with the patients to identify their problems, pinpoint a root cause and then take up the therapy sessions. For people with relationship issues, we also undertake counselling, this is done after the regression therapy.

6. Tell us a little bit about your company Nivaa Sciences.

At Nivaa, we are working at making the tools of transformation available to everyone. Our aim is to explain the mystical factor behind spiritual sciences and make them part of the human psyche. Any technology of well-being has to become a part of our life for it to have a deeper meaning and help us progress materialistically and spiritually. Nivaa aims at bringing this shift, we aim to offer carefully calibrated technologies for human well-being that will help them excel in any sector they choose to.

 7. What differentiates Nivaa from other organizations offering such technologies?  

Most organizations that currently offer such technologies do not explain the basics of the technologies they prescribe for human beings, and that’s the reason they call it a mystical process. At Nivaa, we offer complete knowledge so that people can learn and go about implementing it the way they want. This helps them make it a part of their daily life and also utilize the technology as an entrepreneur venture. Further by offering therapy, we also walk a distance with them and help them resolve any issues they might face in implementing these solutions.



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