Sharad Kelkar Feels The Legend of Hanuman Has Revolutionised Animation On Indian OTT Space

Mumbai: Actor Sharad Kelkar, who voices the character of Ravan in the animated streaming series ‘The Legend of Hanuman 4’, has said that the series has revolutionised the animation in Indian OTT space.

The animation in ‘The Legend of Hanuman 4’ is done as per the voice of the actors, which makes it more challenging given the absence of visual reference.

Sharad said: “This series has beautifully brought animation into the OTT space, showcasing the greatness of Indian scriptures and revolutionising animation in the Indian OTT space. Everyone who has watched ‘The Legend of Hanuman’ has gained a sense of wisdom, and I have felt the same. Each season I have worked on has given me a profound sense of power every time I leave the dubbing studio –it’s indescribable.”

The actor is confident that every episode evokes that feeling in the audience. Season 4 is packed with plot twists featuring the greatness of Kumbhkaran, alongside Hanuman and Ravan.

He further mentioned: “Voice acting is far more challenging than face acting, and it’s a craft that often goes unrecognised. Seeing it gain popularity now makes me very happy. I am incredibly proud to be part of ‘The Legend of Hanuman’.”

Sharad Devarajan, co-founder and CEO of Graphic India, said: “In Season 4, we dive into a mighty set of battles for our heroes against the two immense threats of Kumbhkaran and Indrajit. Each of these battles will require Hanuman to also look within himself to find new truths about the meaning of power and how he must wield his own immense strength in order to succeed.”

‘The Legend of Hanuman 4’ will drop on June 5 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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