The dead person was identified as Pradeep Dandekar, his body was handed over to the family: Cops


A tattoo on the arm of a railway accident victim helped the police trace the family of the man in Dombivili town of Maharashtra’s Thane district, the police said on Thursday.

The Dombivili railway police had recovered the body of an unidentified man in his 30s from tracks between Kharbaon and Kaman stations on April 12, police official Santosh Pawar of the Dombivili Railway police said.

The police registered a case of accidental death then and started the probe, during which they found a heart-shaped tattoo with the initials KP on the victim’s arm, the official said.

The police team went on a hunt to every village in the vicinity, combed through missing persons records and traced the family of the dead person to Paye village, where they confirmed about the tattoo, he said.

The dead person was identified as Pradeep Dandekar (33) and his body was handed over to the family, the official added.

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