Tuuple Technocraft To Launch AI-Driven Online Mock Test App for Board and Entrance Exams in India

30th September 2020: Students in India gearing up for board and entrance exams can now benefit from an accurate assessment with Exam Online, an app soon to be launched by Tuuple Technocraft, a leading Indian technology provider for digital education solutions online. Exam Online provides an extensive database of mock exams unique for its AI integration that customizes questions based on student IQ and performance enabling both students and parents to monitor academic progress.

High grades in Board and Entrance exams in India are crucial to gain admission to government-regulated medical and engineering colleges in the country. The student-seat ratio is a dismal one forcing students to take up gruelling exam preparation courses right from the plus 2 levels. In such a scenario, mock tests are an invaluable source of assessment for students hoping to secure a favorable rank.

The threat of COVID-19 is an additional problem where state governments are still indecisive over opening up educational institutions. The lack of proper academic guidance thereof and unplanned digital tutorials are a nightmare for students preparing for board exams in the first quarter of 2021 and subsequent Joint Entrance exams a few months later.

Exam Online could not have come at a better time with its well-organized mock test structure that helps students customize the learning system to accurately assess their performance. The smart education app is available for free on Google play store and is reportedly easy to use. Students can register for courses and subjects relevant to their field of study without any hassle. The Mock tests available on the app cover all subjects in the major educational board exams like the CBSE, ICSE and WBBSE. Similarly, there is an extensive question bank making up mock exams to prepare for the crucial Joint Entrance examinations like the NEET and JEE for admission to government Medical and Engineering Universities respectively.

Exam Online’s well-planned interface helps students choose their mock exams carefully in line with an assessed performance that analyses preparation and identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses. The app has also been programmed to accurately assess DOK (Depth of Knowledge) and Level of Retention after which its unique AI will customize a mock test helping a student advance gradually to the desired levels. In fact, the in-depth educational provisions of Exam Online is a boon for parents to easily understand and monitor the progress of their wards. Exam online is also catering to students of primary levels of class 6 to 10.

Tuuple Technocraft is a leading technology provider that creates end to end app solutions for educational administration. Based in Kolkata, India, the company is well known for its AI-driven smart learning systems enabling seamless digital educational online. Exam Online is the latest in the company’s stable of performance-driven educational technology which it hopes will help students gain a better understanding of their academic levels to achieve their objectives faster.

For more information: https://examonline.net.in/

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